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December 11, 2012 RELEASE
Available in Paperback and Kindle

When legend becomes reality, no one is safe...

When Jimmy agreed to lead a youth activity through the historic Missouri countryside, he had no idea what he was getting into. Now he and his friends Paul and Emily must race to recover a long-lost treasure and rescue two teenage hostages before the conflict tears an entire town apart. This action-packed thrill ride of a book doesn't disappoint!

This book is perfect for the Young Adult or Adult reader who loves adventure, danger, mystery and a touch of romance.

Early Praise for Gold Clash-

“Steve Westover has written a fast-paced, thought-provoking story of
action, intrigue, and even a spot of romance. He takes historical facts
and weaves them into a compelling tale that’s hard to put down.”

--Gregg Luke- Author of Deadly Undertakings

“Gold Clash is a gritty thriller that delivers a powerful dose of action
combined with the perfect measure of historical significance for the
LDS reader. Westover instantly draws the reader in and takes them
on a non-stop ride. This hunt for gold and power will not let go until
the final page.”

--K.C. Grant- Author of Venom


Paul Stephens has it alla wonderful job at the FBI, a potential new girlfriend, Emily, and a great apartment. Even when Jimmy, a friend from his past, unexpectedly ends up on his couch, Paul manages to keep it together, despite Jimmy’s eccentric ways and sudden interest in Emily. But when a plan to arrest a corrupt judge puts Emily’s life in danger, Paul is forced to make decisions that put everything on the line. And with Jimmy along for the ride, anything can happen as they race to save Emily.


This riveting, fast-paced debut novel by Steve Westover will keep you guessing until the very last moment.  Defensive Tactics is one you definitely don't want to miss, but beware, once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down again until you turn that final, satisfying page.
M.R. Bunderson, author of The Mark

Defensive Tacticsby Steve Westover is a suspenseful read that keeps you guessing until the end.

--Marcia Mickelson, author of Reasonable Doubt


While thirteen-year-old Ethan is visiting his crazy Uncle Bart at Crater Lake National Park, his world collapses when all the adults disappear, including his parents. Now Ethan must rally his new friends and decipuer the legends of the lake to find the key to rescuing his parents from their earthen prison before he's captured too and their imprisonment becomes permanent.

"Wailing and thrashing for escape, Allie's dad disappeared, the dirt covering the crown of his head. Ethan and Jordan's parents followed, gasping for breath before the dirt covered their faces and muffled their screams. Mercifully, they descended faster than Allie's mom. She had been the appetizer, and the other three adults were the main course."

Praise for CRATER LAKE: Battle For Wizard Island-

Crater Lake is a twisty, turning thrill ride of a read. Westover has crafted a story  that kids will love to read and their parents will love to read to them. I found myself staying up way too late to see what would happen next.

--J Scott Savage, author of the Farworld fantasy series and Case File 13 series including Zombie Kid.
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